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Thanks for stopping by! My name’s Jade, a world citizen currently living in Bogota for an indefinite period of time. I came to Bogota in 2014 with my Colombian partner. And I’m loving the city more and more which each passing year.

Today I’m a digital marketing expert, Wayuu bags exporter and run Colombian cooking classes for tourists in Bogota. Because that’s how it works here in Bogota. Everyone has their side project and buzzes with creative ideas.

Oh yes, and I also blog.

Bogotastic is an expat Colombian blog whose goal is to share cultural insights from my point of view. I’m not a tourist. I don’t see Colombia through rose-tinted glasses. And I’m here to live for a LONG time. But above all, I’m well-integrated in the Colombian community and understand the Colombian mindset thanks to my decade-long relationship with a traditional Bogotano.

I would think that qualifies me as an expert of Colombian culture and nuisances. Don’t you think?

If you’re curious (which you obviously are if you wanted to learn more about me), sign up for my blog updates, you might find it thought-provoking and worthwhile!

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