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maracuya juice recipe

How to Make Passion Fruit Juice

So as you know by now, I make my weekly trip to the fruit store and this week for $.40 I found six passion fruit or ‘maracuya’. Feel free to check out last time’s...

colombian achiras de huila

Achiras de Huila: Cheesy Colombian Crackers

Achiras de Huila are typically found hanging in little stalls on the side of a road alongside arepas, corn and other baked or fried local carbs, this seems to be the ideal and common found...

colombian salpicon in bogota colombia

What is a Real Colombian Salpicón?

A Colombian salpicón is not the same as other salpicons in Latin America.  In other countries, a salpicón is usually salty and includes meat. Colombia is the only Latin American country which refers to ‘salpicón’...