All You Need To Prepare For The Lost City Trek In Colombia

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  1. Maze says:

    Help! I’m really looking forward to this trek but I’m also VERY annoyed by bed bugs… tips? How did you managed it?
    Thank you for the wonderful post and the help tho!

  2. Mike Van says:

    Visiting Bogota in September for 6 days. Hoping to get ideas from your website about what to explore.

  3. John Rothschild says:

    Thanks so much for your post and video. I have been to Colombia 4 times and I have gotten a sense of what it takes to visit the lost city from your site.

    I love reading your posts. Keep it u.

  4. Amanda Wild says:

    I would like to discuss the possibility of sharing content with my website as well as possibly organizing an alliance / barter (we supply you with places to stay in exchange for your blog contributions). Let me know if you’re interested.

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