7 Ways Bogota Drives Me Insane

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  1. Michelle says:

    Here in Bogotá on my 10th and last day. This is my 13th or 15th time here (lost count), and I stayed for 2 months at one point. If I’m Google searching “I hate Bogotá,” you know it’s bad. 😄 Don’t get me wrong. I love the countryside, La Calera, Guativá, el Eje Cafetero, Medellín–just NOT Bogotá. There are pretty parts of the cita, but all the things you mentioned drive me bonkers! I have not found individual friends to be flakey, but other than that, everything you said. People (my family included, to a degree) have no sense of the greater good, of being patient and considerate with others, of being law-abiding. Most people only do this in small matters of public order, not large crimes, but it all adds up. Can I add? the graffiti. Some of the commissioned urban art murals can be OK, but informal grafitti is on EVERY surface. I just wish people would care about other people besides those they know through friends and family. It’s sadly very clan-ish. People who know you in those contexts will bend over backwards to help you or show you a good time, but if not, PAILA!

  2. Karen Attman says:

    I totally agree with this list – and yet I’m scratching my head wondering why I still love the city so much.
    Karen Attman recently posted…The Hidden Secrets of a Food Market in ColombiaMy Profile

  3. Hanoi says:

    I feel completely identified. Been living in Bogota for a couple of months after 7 years between Canada and the US. Your article is spot on. I’m specially frustrated with how you lose any right when you’re a pedestrian. Crossing a street is a daily adventure.

    • bogotastic says:

      Thanks Hanoi ❤️ I’m glad to read I’m not alone

    • Ric Dragon says:

      The city is fundamentally hostile towards pedestrians. Not only in the attitudes of drivers, but in the very design of crosswalks, ramps, and other. But then again, the US only got caught up on that themselves.

      • bogotastic says:

        Yes, I totally agree. Some parts of the US (*cough* Miami *cough*) are still worst than Colombia.

  4. Stanley H Ross says:

    Hi. I experienced everything you mentioned. I was just there to check out the new B.D. Bacatá skyscraper to see if I wanted to buy an apartment. The building is beautiful, but I just couldn’t take the traffic and the smog was horrible. Still, I like Bogota but I don’t think I could live there. I experienced the same with taxi drivers. The meters would say one thing and the price would be another. It wasn’t worth it to me to make a scene, but I would prefer to tip them myself than to have them give themselves their own “tip” automatically.
    I have been in Bogota maybe 5 or six times with only one incident, and it seems safe to me. However, with security all around, porteros in every complex, warnings from the locals, I must conclude that it behooves someone to be careful.

  5. Strange Brew says:

    You made me laugh with #5. I’m Canadian … and a say-it-like-it-is one at that. So after going to Bogotá for the first time to meet my wife’s family, it was like a pail of ice water in the face. We got invites from every cousin she has – and that’s a lot – to go out for dinner, to go dancing. You know how many actually followed through? Yup, you guessed it. The big GOOSE EGG – 0.

    And having lived in perhaps the cleanest city on earth, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the filth of Bogotá, the potholes and the lack of care people showed to their environment blew my mind.

    We’re considering moving to Colombia but it won’t be Bogotá. Aside from not wanting to be smothered by family and feeling obligated to spending my weekends with them, I just can’t envision moving through the smog and traffic.

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