Do’s and Dont’s of Bargaining in Colombia To Get The Best Deals!

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  1. fernando says:

    thanks for the info and tips. i plan to use them all. i had no idea it was that common to negotiate. maybe i can negotiate a gym membership lol
    I can really relate to your shoe experience. last time i was in bogota a guy was trying to sell me on a shoe cleaning product for like 90 mil pesos claiming it was 200 mill pesos in stores (it looked like he made it at home and put it into a tiny generic shampoo bottle). he then started to clean my shoes and tried to charge me 20 mil pesos! after he finished i told him i only had 5 mil and tried to walk away. he got so angry at me and was really insistive about it costing 20 mil. i felt so guilty even though i know he was trying to rip me off lol

  2. Julian says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I live in Colombia as well and I have to say I can always find very helpful and valuable information here. Kind Regards
    Julian recently posted…Kolumbien | Eldorado am Pazifik – Länder Menschen AbenteuerMy Profile

  3. Karen says:

    “Don’t show interest” is key! I’ve had vendors follow me down the street offering discount on discount just because I showed a little bit – but not too much – interest.

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