6 Things No One Told You About Meeting People vs. Making Friends In Bogota

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  1. Helen O'Brien says:

    Interesting reading. I’m only here for a couple of months and have experienced a massive language barrier. I’ve travelled around Latin America, including other parts of Colombia, and usually get by with people willing to work with my ‘Spanglish’. I’m keen to keep learning and practicing although its slow progress. I always try though which usually raises a smile or a laugh if its really bad but people are usually friendly and helpful. I have found in Bogota however that people are less willing to try and communicate and are less friendly in general. I have felt isolated at work and feel like a leper because my colleagues either do not speak English and are afraid i will try to speak to them or they speak a little English but are afraid to try. I also find people here generally quite disrespectful particularly on the transmilenio where it seems fairly routine to physically assault someone. I’ve lived in London and commuted on the packed underground and that now seems like a pleasant memory in comparison! Not enjoying the experience and looking forward to leaving in just over a month.

  2. Clem says:

    Very interesting, i feel the same way but did not have formalized the whole 6 reasons. Hope that i’ll be able to make some good local friends though!

    • bogotastic says:

      Thanks for your message! I’m glad to hear I’m not alone feeling this. Having a Colombian partner definitely helped me put a finger on the subject!

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