30 Reasons Why I Love Living in Bogota

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7 Responses

  1. fernando says:

    whats rappi?

  2. fernando says:

    what is San Andrecito?

  3. Chris Morfas says:

    Great piece! A few more from this male ex-pat: shoeshines on the Cra 13 for $1, three-course lunches for $3-8, frequent bus service, women who enjoy teaching me how to dance, the small-scale delights that come just from walking the city’s diverse neighbourhoods, helpful and patient locals, the hikes into Quebrada and Vieja, the restaurants that result from French men marrying Colombian women (e.g. Saint Just), the graffiti, the various light one finds in Plaza Bolivar on different days, Teatro Colon…ooooh thank you for reminding me!!

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