Confessions of Dating a Colombian Man

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  1. Stephen Willhite says:

    I have lived in Colombia for over a year and I am the United States. As for Jose attempt to generalize about not being able to find a “real man” in America( by the way those that live in North, Central ,and South America are all Americans) , I assure you he has spent little to no time in the United States. Being hot blooded is code for acting like a child. I have spent a lot of time with Colombian men and while I don’t agree with all the comments a lot of what was said rings true. I am married to a Colombian woman and you should hear her thoughts on Colombian men. It’s not very favourable. Some of them assume I can’t speak Spanish. One made a very vulgar comment which lead to my beating the shit out of him in the bar and dragging his ass out into the street and leaving him there. As for his hot blooded friends, they did not raise a hand to help him. A lack of passion for friendship perhaps?

  2. Jose Andres says:

    These “traits” were common in men all over the world up until the “Women’s Lib” movements of the 50’s-60’s. Now men in the USA are completely feminized and of course women have found a way to complain about that. Yes ladies, just like women in America yell and complain about being unable to find a “real man”, well, you ladies are the ones who caused this. Well not all ladies, but the ladies of the past. Enjoy it. I agree, there are no real men anymore. On the same note, real women don’t exist either.

    Veronica, I find it hilarious that you try to “teach these men”. Are they your dogs and need training? Hilarious. Try searching for a man in America. You won’t find one, but you will find plenty of males that would be willing to put up with your teaching and training.

    I am not Colombian but from this article I see nothing wrong with Colombian mens behavior. Seems like pretty normal attitudes in Latin and Asian countries. Remember that with true passion and intense romance also come true and intense jealousy and love. Latino men.. well.. we’re very passionate and hot blooded. You can’t have one without the other and I’m sorry, but you can’t “teach” someone to be passionate or romantic. It’s either in your, or not. As for dancing, yes, Colombian men AND women are amazing dancers.

    • Draco Caelestis says:

      LMAO, sure buddy. you might not be colombian, but you latino dudes all have the special snowflake syndrome, conveniently created by your moms…regretfully it runs in the family and culture. what a load of crap…but i guess dealing with one’s own integrity and responsibility is challenging when someone tells calls you mi rey, mi principe, amor de mi vida ever since their special little unicorn was born.

      truth be told, unless you particularly enjoy jealousy, drama and manipulations (in which case you might consider visiting a therapist because you’ve fallen into the pattern of liking pathology in your relationships) do yourself a favor and date someone else who values responsibility, has integrity and is not into mythomania. or date a latino guy if you need a reality check and want to remind yourself how awesome those american/european/etc dudes actually are.

  3. Roberta says:

    “Colombian men love to be right” : SPOT
    ON!! That’s why I have a big experience of unsuccesful relationship with colombians!! ?? (despite this I keep looking for mr right colombian!)

  4. Briana says:

    “Colombian man loves to be pampered, and loves to be right”. No doubt about that. It can be frustrating as a woman because you want to be pampered too, but Colombian men are used to being served first and catered to their every need. It should be more balanced to have less conflict and equally express love between each other. However, I love that Colombian men love to dance and be active in general!

  5. Veronica says:

    Ha ha ha ha… As a Latina, and half Colombian, this is what you have to teach these men, they are taught that if they sell the big picture, they think that you will feel that you are valuable. The thing is, you have to call their bluff. Meaning if you are a coco sent woman you tell them, yeah, you are going to do ” this and that”. Yeah right, don’t need this bullshit romantic stuff. Just be yourself. And you will see them struggle, wait be honest?! Or they will be honest that is how I pick the bullshitters and the ones that I know who really want to be with me.

  1. November 21, 2016

    […] Oh, men. We can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. Especially Colombian men. Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of meeting many multicultural couples where the boyfriend was Colombian and the girlfriend either European or American. Read these women’s confessions of dating a Colombian guy here. […]

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