Where is the Best Place to Live in Bogota for Expats? Neighborhoods, Rent & More

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  1. We’ve are coming to Bogota in September and have been given a condo to use by friends of ours. The area is called La Soledad. Thoughts?

  2. Kristopher says:

    What about all the neighbourhoods around La Candelaria? While not as hip as La Candelaria or La Macarena, places like Belen, Cinco Huecos, Las Cruces, and San Bernardo (known as Sanber by the cool kids) offer lots of history, beustiful old buildings, and exciting things to do! There’s more to Bogotá than Usaquén and Chapinero my friends.

    Also, for some real adventure, may I suggest the many neighbourhoods that make up Usme, Ciudad Bolivar, or Kennedy! They’re a bit off the beaten path but the prices for rent can’t be beat!

  3. TJ says:

    You have missed out Salitre, which in my opinion, is the coolest place to live in Bogota. Modern apartments, well planned neighborhood, ample walking space, proximity to some of the best malls and the biggest park of Colombia (Parque Simon Bolivar), a stone’ throw away from transmileneo station, an easy and fast drive to the airport, lush green open spaces and easy access to Bogota’s best recreational centers are only some of the features that makes Salitre a wonderful place to reside! I can bet no other place in Bogota packs so much advantages, all in one location!

  4. Brad says:

    This is helpful. The area of Teusaquillo/Park Way/la Soledad is also a great option for expats. It offers English tudor homes, mid-century apartments, good cafes/restaurants and easy access to cento internacional, el centro and universidad nacional. As per safety: I’ve known people who’ve been mugged in both swanky Chico and bohemian Chapinero. You need to be vigelant wherever you live, work or socialize.

  5. Rrrrino says:

    Putting Rosales in the same group with Chapinero is an enormous stretch and candeleria/Macarena have plenty to do in and of itself for nightlife, again more bohemian/backpacky/student and of course, cheaper- it’s not far from everything. For some, it’s in the middle of it, which comes with all the positives and negatives.

    • bogotastic says:

      Yes true, Chapinero and Rosales are quite a stretch (especially in terms of prices) but have similar advantages in terms of location don’t you think?

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