Is Dia Sin Carro in Bogotá of Any Use?

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  1. Miguel says:

    I have seen the evolution of what you write in this blog, and it’s clear that you are becoming Colombian. I was born and lived in Colombia for 30 years (now I’m in US). I can tell that, what makes you ‘Colombian’ is not an ethnicity (not having a fair skin or be small to fit in a small apartment with your whole family), but the fact of living and struggling every day with this kind of problems that are so peculiar for Colombians. Being worried about what to wear not because you don’t have enough clothes, but because you don’t want to give “Papaya”, or the simple fact of not taking a Taxi because the driver is young and looks “nero”. The day you start to wonder, “Why is this country, full of biodiversity, beautiful places and such a potential to become a great country, still struggling with things as starving kids?, and feel incapable of do something; that day you will become fully Colombian. If you had already asked yourself, welcome to the real Colombian nationality. Fun fact most of Colombians still don’t ask themselves this question, and are just worried about what is going to happen with the “novela” or the results of the “juego de futbol”.

  2. Pierre says:

    Sorry but Motorcycles are not allowed to circulate today! I know it because i use to ride my motorcycle to go anywhere in Bogota every day….Except if they are for some delivery business then yes they could use them as a working tool.

  3. Ricardo Duque says:

    You sound uncharacteristically gloomy:(

  4. Anne Burton says:

    Yes, you have hit the nail on the head. The public transport system here is basically crap. Unsafe, insecure, slow and inadequate as far as routes are concerned. I own a car so that I can drive 15kms to and 15kms from my job as there is no route except along septima right into the Candelaria which would take a nightmare journey of about 1.5 hours. As you say, things don’t change for the rich or the poor, just change and get disrupted for the formal working and middle classes, those that also pay taxes as well as the “poor” don’t and there is poor and poor and some of the “poor” keep their assets under the mattress. I am all for public transport and would love to leave my car at home and have someone else drive me but this city just doesn’t have the infrastructure and the administration just won’t face that fact.

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