Why It’s Hard to Downgrade from Uber to Taxis

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  1. Jason Unrau says:

    Hi, bogotastic! I agree to your opinion that Uber cars are better than the Bogota’s taxi drivers, haha, although I have never been used it.

  2. Julie Davis says:

    Uber drivers can also use Google Maps, which sometimes works better than Waze.

    So Uber is safer because it’s hard for the thieves to identify an Uber compared to a taxi? That must make you feel safer.
    Julie Davis recently posted…Uber Prevents Drunk Driving: Advantage Over TaxisMy Profile

  3. Daniel says:

    I decided to stop using Uber and taxis altogether, Uber is getting really expensive and the latest update took away the high fares notifier, what this means is that during peak hours, (which in any main city is all the time) you no longer get to receive a warning if your fare will be 2.3x or 1.8x or sometimes 5.4x, last time I went from zona t to unicentro and got charged a decent 22 dollars, try paying that with your Colombian pesos at the local bank credit card issuer rate. That’s what I say: NEVER AGAIN!

    • bogotastic says:

      Thanks Daniel for the info! It’s something I’ll definitely watch out for. Honestly I’ve been using it for about 3-4 months and have had zero surprises and no more than $3 charged on my credit card per ride.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Glad you decided to try Uber! I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, in the U.S., and here in Colombia. I was sooooo happy when they started having more & more cars available here in the Chia/Cajicá area. I had a couple of issues lately, but they quickly fixed them for me. As long as I’ve got Internet, I’m taking Uber! It’s just all around a better experience! Nicer, more comfortable cars (with seat belts) nicer (almost always) drivers, and cheaper fares. $55k flat fee from Cajicá (about 50% savings!) to Bogotá, and 7-9k for a ride to Fontanar or Centro Chia as opposed to 20-30k (taxis in Cajicá can’t leave Cajicá without filling out a planilla and charging extra, even to go 10 minutes away, so that solves that problem!)

    • Ricardo Duque says:

      Hi Jennifer. I live in Lakeland, Florida but travel to Bogotá frequently. I play golf at Club El Rincón de Cajicá. Do you happen to know the name of a development that borders the golf course?

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