11 Traditional And Delicious Colombian Desserts You Can’t Afford to Miss

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Have you had Tres Leches in the States by any chance? None of the ones I’ve had here tastes “right” or rather, the way I’m used to. I suspect this might be a matter of know-how though, as one of them wasn’t even evenly soaked through or evenly with the liquid…one was dry! The dulce de guayaba I have to respectfully disagree on though, I love it, although I am half Colombian, and that was the one Colombian sweet (or anything, really!) that was easily found in the U.S. growing up.
    As for Brownies…I’m a HUGE fan, but all the ones I’ve had here are actually chocolate cake! The travesty!

  2. Dawn Grace Renshaw says:

    I’m with you–I’m not crazy about the bocadillo con queso. I’ve tried variations of milhojas, but by far the best one I’ve had is at La Galleta in Villa de Leyva. VdL has other dessert highlights, but not necessarily of Colombian origin. (Brownies at Mathilda Blain’s come to mind, as does the almond croissant at the French patisserie. These obviously don’t really count…

    I’m enjoying your fun/interesting blogs about Colombia. I’m blogging about our adventures in Colombia as well–viasophiablog@wordpress.com

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