Applying for a TP10 Partner Visa

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  1. Matilda says:


    I was married here in Medellin Colombia by a notary on the 31st August 2016.

    I am wanting to apply for a TP-10 Visa to stay longer in Colombia with my husbands family before we go
    To Australia.

    Do I still need a copy of my birth certificate translated
    As that was required by the notary before we
    Got married or is my Colombian marriage certificate and passport enough?


  2. David says:

    You may have more success using a lawyer rather than a notaria, but it will probably cost more, for reasons that I can’t imagine. I used in their Bogota office a couple of years ago and it went through quickly.

  3. John says:

    We just called every single Notaria in Bogota over the past 2 hours and ALL of them ask for original copies of both of our birth certificates, legalized and mine appostilled, single status document & passports. The same documents which are requiered for marriage which we were not able to get in time. This was our last option.

    I think you need to update your blog because we have wasted so much money on our efforts. I think you have a responsibility to give accurate information to your readers. It may have worked in your case but as I sit next to my devastated fiancé, I can honestly say that applying for a TP10 visa with JUST written letters and your passports does NOT work.

    • bogotastic says:

      Hi John, I’m sorry about your experience. As I stated in my previous response to your comment: “As of this year I have been told that there have been a few modifications and that it is not as easy as when I did it.”

      Best of luck to you.

  4. John says:

    Hi there,

    My partner and I (she is Colombian and I am Canadian) have planned to be married before my current tourist visa expires but due to some miscommunication, the documents were not authenticated so the wedding needs to be pushed back. We’ve been together since late 2014 so when I came across your article, it came as a sign of relief. Obviously leaving the country is last resort because we have already started a life together in Medellin. My tourist visa expires in 25 days (well, I would need to leave or get it extended) so we are going to try and tackle everything this week. Could you be so kind as to further explain the “letter” which you had written? Were you fluent in Spanish by the time you did all of this? I am not so my partner will be helping me. Did your letter need to be in Spanish? Thank you for your help – as you know, there isn’t much clear information to be found!

    • John says:

      Another thing I wanted to add was that we are living in Medellin – would that make things different or do you think it would be generally the same?

      Thanks again!

    • bogotastic says:

      The letter simply stated that we had been together since X years and that we lived under the same address. It was signed by the both of us.

      As of this year I have been told that there have been a few modifications and that it is not as easy as when I did it.

      • John says:


        We arrived in Bogota and have been disappointed to find out that the Marital de Hecho we received in Medellin was incorrect so now we’re desperately trying to find a notaria that will give us one but they are all asking for very hard to get documents. Such as legalized papers from Canada which we do not have. We are systematically calling all the notaries but so far we have no luck. We’ve spent lots of money on this trip – do you know which notaries to suggest? We are desperate and so tired of people saying no to us!

        Thank you again if you can help us.


  5. Coraline says:

    Wow, I am quite amazed it was that fast! I need to get it done as well, but in France with a PACS… I hope it’ll be as easy as yours but somehow I wonder…!!

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