How to Blend in With the Locals in Bogota

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  1. Travel says:

    1. Do not be a papaya? Dumbest phrase ever. Time to put an end to it, along with victim blaming and target the thieves. 2. Folks from Bogota complain about the transmileno all the time 3. I see tons of colombians with blonde hair, blue/green eyes, even red hair, freckles, very pale skin. There is no such thing as a typical look here. Something like 20% of colombians have euro heritage, just stop. You very likely will not stick out until you talk. 4. I see Bogota locals wearing shorts often. My ex who was a local sometimes wore sandals for small errands.

    • Pepito says:

      Where does it say do not be a papaya? It clearly says don’t give papaya. Most people using flip flops are calentanos and not from Bogota. Most rolos do not use flip flops in the city, be sure of that.

    • Manzanita says:

      Sweetie, the saying is “do not give papaya”. Nobody is asking you to be a papaya.

    • bibi says:

      Wow… you seem to have some language issues. Ok. it says not to GIVE papaya. not BE a papaya. Big difference and it alludes to not giving unnecessary motive or reason to being targeted for theft. Duh. Yes… people who are not locals stick out and waaaaaay before they open their mouths. The way you physically look may not have anything to do with anything 7 she never said that anyway. But SORRY, I have never seen Colombian in Trekk sandals, Patagonia shorts or Safari vests. That comes from the outside, lol. Although being mugged can happen to anyone, like in the rest of the planet, you must never give a blatant reason to be targeted. Sadly, tourist are targeted because they are obvious and easy prey to the trained eyes of the thieves. So I completely agree with everything this article mentions. Have fun and No De Papaya!!!! Use your common sense as you would where you live.

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